Weston 05-0101

Weston Fruit & Wine Press

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Make your favorite juices at home!

This screw-down style wine press will allow you to squeeze many of your favorite fruits into juices and wines with ease and efficiency. Simply place the fruit of choice into the juicing cage. Place the wood pressing blocks on top of the fruit and ratchet the handle down. The juice will be squeezed out of the fruit and will exit the juice cage through the opening in the slats, then down into a built-in spout. The molded bottom tray will funnel the juice into your container, virtually mess free!

The ratchet mechanism provides leverage and power to extract the maximum amount of juice. The power coated cast iron construction will resist rust and contamination. Hardwood cage construction will provide you with years of maintenance free service. Bolt-down legs will allow one-person operation. 16-quart cage capacity.

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