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Weiman Granite Wipes

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Weiman Granite Wipes are a great example of how we’re always looking to make your life a little easier. Great for everyday cleaning, Weiman Granite Wipes instantly shine dull, faded countertops by removing grease, grime, water marks and surface stains in one easy step. Although specially formulated for stone surface countertops like granite, marble and quartz, Weiman Granite Wipes are excellent for cleaning other solid surfaces including Corian®, Formica®, ceramic, chrome, fiberglass, auto interiors, microwaves, porcelain laminated plastics, patio furniture and much more. Daily care prolongs the life of your countertops and keeps them looking fabulous for years to come. For a deep clean that restores natural color, veining and gloss, try Weiman Granite Corian® Cleaner & Polish. * Kosher Certified.
30 wipes
Weiman #54

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