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Tomorrow's Kitchen Popsome Toddler Snack Holder Blue

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The Popsome Toddler Snack Holder is a smart design that you'll feel safe leaving in the hands of your toddler and small children. This small, dry snack container is completely BPA-free, shatterproof, dishwasher safe, hygienic, and it poses no choking hazard. But the real brilliance of it lies in the patented "Oxiloc" lid. The lid seals airtight, but pulls open easily to provide controlled dispensation with a shake. The lid closes just as easily with a push to keep cereals, raisins and other small snacks fresh. The Popsome is sized for small hands and perfect for safe and neat grazing at playtime or a pacifying snack in the car. The Popsome Toddler Snack Holder is available with a pink or blue lid.

Features of the Popsome Toddler Snack Holder include:

Smart and hygienic design made just for toddlers and small children

Patented "Oxiloc" lid opens easily and dispenses controlled amounts

Simply push down for an airtight seal Ideally sized for small hands

Perfect for cereals, raisins, diced cheese, nuts and more

Snacks won't spill when knocked over- even when it's open

Choose from pink or blue lids

100% BPA-free

Shatter-proof and a non-choking hazard

Dishwasher safe

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