The Spice Lab Gourmet Sea Salt Collection

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This Gourmet Salt Collection includes 6 of the best tasting, hard-to-find salts in the world. These multi-pack samplers of salts are a great way to spice up your next meal, and are convenient to use and store. The collections are presented in affordable, portable, and decorative packages that are perfect for gifts and kitchen countertops. They even come with reference cards with detailed descriptions and suggestions on which salts go with which dishes, making it easy to create the perfect combination of flavors.

Salts Included in Collection No. 2

  • No. 3 Citron SilverFlake Finishing Sea Salt
  • No. 6 Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt
  • No. 8 Hickory Smoked Sea Salt
  • No. 13 Hawaiian Black Lava (Medium) Sea Salt - Hawaii USA
  • No. 40 Himalayan Crystal Pink Fine Grain
  • No. 43 Persian Blue Diamond (Fine) Rock Salt
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