Grill Gauge GG100

The Original Grill Gauge

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The Original Grill Gauge™ propane measuring device is a must for every gas (propane) grill owner. The Grill Gauge™ accurately measures the propane in your tank, without batteries or any other power sources required. Simply attach the Grill Gauge™ to your propane tank. Easily lift and look for an instant and accurate reading of your tanks net liquid propane level. Easy to use, dependable and durable, the Grill Gauge™ will Never Leave You Guessing, so you never run empty again!

  • No Batteries Required
  • No Pressure Needed
  • Doesn’t Matter What The Temperature Is
  • No Hot Or Cold Water Needed
  • NO FALSE POSITIVE READINGS Common With Other Propane Gauges (Like The Pressure Of Valve Connected Gauges)
  • Works Instantly
  • Portable, Take It To The Propane Retailer To Check Your Next Tank Before You Buy
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