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Squeezo Tomato/Apple Strainer

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The Squeezo Food Strainer, an all-metal classic, gets the most pulp from your fruits and vegetables while screening out seeds and skins. No peeling or coring necessary! Use your new Squeezo to make homemade food like dips, jams, jellies, purees and guacamole as well as your favorite soups and sauces! Use for your home canning projects too!

The Squeezo comes with:
  • 2 1/2 quart hopper
  • A standard 1/16" hole screen (2 other screens are also available to purchase).
  • A recipe booklet filled with ideas on how to use your Squeezo 365 days a year and how to conserve your food.
  • A wooden plunger as well as cleaning brush.

Made in USA.

All Seasons Homestead Helpers. Style #09101.

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