S & B Wasabi Tube 1.52 oz

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S&B Wasabi comes from the best areas in the world for growing and processing wasabi. You can add it in your own kitchen as an ideal way to turn your cooking up a notch and give your dishes a sophisticated flavor that impresses any dinner guests. Whip up wasabi salmon, serve a wasabi dip or master your own wasabi peas. S&B closely controls the whole lifecycle of wasabi from seedling to finished product so that product traceability can be ensured. This Japanese wasabi is low calorie, low fat and low sodium. It makes an ideal addition to your cooking condiments as a flavor enhancer with noodles, soup, rice, fish and meats that have been barbecued. 

Low calorie

Low fat

Low sodium

Wasabi condiment, 1.52 oz

S&B 04712
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