RSVP Select-A-Peel Stainless Steel Peeler

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Our amazing SELECT-A-PEEL is the ultimate in compact convenience. Choose from regular, softskin or julienne blades to prepare nearly all types of vegetables and fruits. Just dial in the blade number you need by lining upthe number with the arrow.

  • 1 REGULAR is a straight peeler for everyday peeling tasks
  • 2 SOFTSKIN is a serrated peeler for peeling soft or fibrous skinned items
  • 3 JULIENNE is a special peeler that cuts perfect strips for garnishes and salads
Use the handy built-in metal thumbnail to remove seeds, potato eyes, blemishes, etc. The plastic blade shield is reusable and snaps over the blades for safe storage. Made of durable stainless steel, silicone and plastic, the SELECT-A-PEEL is dishwasher safe.
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