John Boos Block Butcher Block Table

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The "PCA" Kitchen Butcher Blocks by John Boos are no ordinary kitchen furnishing. Like all work that comes from the craftsmen at John Boos, these butcher blocks are pieces that will service your home with lasting efficiency and style. Made from solid hard maple, the top of these butcher blocks feature a Cream finish on legs, face, sides, and bottom and an oil finish on, perfect for chopping, on the top. The thick 10 inch end grain work surface is design to remain free of bacteria. The impressive butcher block tops are supported by handsome tapered legs. Optional casters are available. The feature that sets these butcher blocks apart from others, however, are the wood knife holder that come standard. These attributes provide you with a safe place to store your knives so that they are never far from reach.

  • Stands 34" Tall 
  • Solid Hard Rock Maple With End Grain 
  • Butcher Block Is 10" Thick 
  • Legs Tapered At The Bottom 
  • Knife Holder 
  • Boos Block Cream Finish w/ Beeswax 
  • Made In The USA
John Boos HoldPCA2
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