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Jaccard Pre-Soaked Grilling Cedar Plank

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Our Ready 2 Grill™ Pre-Soaked Cedar Planks are ready for the grill in seconds; not hours! Planks are pre-soaked with precise amount of water for best results.

  • The only plank available that doesn’t need to be soaked before grilling
  • No need to use sink or large container to soak
  • No weight needed to hold “floating” plank down
  • No fuss … no mess to clean-up
  • High-tech packaging keeps plank moist and “grill ready”
  • From the package to the grill in seconds, not hours
  • Plank grilling is a centuries old Native American technique
  • Provides robust flavor, pleasing aroma and moist, even heat cooking surface
  • Planks can be placed directly on a serving plate for an eye-catching presentation
  • Western red cedar adds savory, smoky flavor; great with fish, beef, chicken, vegetables and more
  • Made in the USA
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