GrillGrate WBGEL

GrillGrate Hard Anodized Rectangular Grill Surface Kit

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GrillGrate Hard Anodized Rectangular Grill Surface Kit: Give your grill a makeover with GrillGrates that interlock over any grill to sear, sizzle, radiate, and protect. The original raised rail design allows for more surface area contact and better heat conduction to get perfect sear lines, while juices collect in the valleys then steam or sizzle adding more flavor and moisture into your food. The shape radiates with heat for fast, even cooking and the bottom protects against flare-ups and drying heat. The fat drains off and burns in the bottom of the grill grate and not on the outside of your food. The rust-resistant GrillGrates are constructed of aircraft grade aluminum that is hard anodized (a natural hardening process) for an extremely durable surface that withstands heat up to 1000 degrees, and conducts heat better than steel or cast iron. The Grate Tool prongs fit between and below the rails to lift not scrape food on the grill and also doubles as a cleaning tool to clear the valleys of build-up. The set includes three  5 ¼” W x 13 ¾” D interlocking GrillGrate panels, grate tool, user guide and recipe booklet.

GrillGrate Inc. style # WBGEL

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