Chef Works Ken Onion Rain 6" Curved Filet Knife

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The Ken Onion Rain 6" Filet Knives are designed to work with you. They combine a signature drop handle and control bump that lets you use the knife smoothly and efficiently.

Winner of Blade Magazine’s Kitchen Knife of the Year Award 2013. The award-winning Ken Onion Rain Series of knives by Chef Works combines high-quality materials, a unique blade pattern and a distinctive handle, resulting in cutting instruments and tools that are not only visually stunning, but are also superior in both function and ergonomics. The RAIN Pattern was designed to create air pockets which reduce the amount of surface area in contact with food, resulting in a blade that slices effortless and creates a less sticky surface.

The Ken Onion Rain Utility Knives are created to be the knives you reach for the most. From a variation on the well-balanced and specialty Santoku shape, to an inspired evolution of a do-it-all utility knife, to a graceful curved-edge blade perfect for fish and poultry, these knives are more than a specialized support cast. They are spotlight worthy all on their own.

  • Ken Onion Rain 6" Curved Filet Knife perfect for fish and poultry
  • Constructed of CTS™ BDZ1 high-carbon stainless steel
  • Handles constructed of G-10 Garolite, a strong military-grade inert material resistant to heat and moisture
Chef Works RAIN-FILE-0600
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