Charcoal Companion CC2030

Charcoal Companion Skewer Express Kabob Loader

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Make six kabobs in just minutes. The Skewer Express Easy Kabob Loader makes it faster, easier, and less messy to put together delicious kabobs for the grill. The station features six channels that will hold chunks of food in place, then guide you so you can skewer them through the center all at once. Simply place your pieces of meat or veggies into the prep station's channels, close the lid and slide your stainless steel skewer through the guide holes. Your skewers will be filled and ready to hit the grill! Sprinkle on spices or drizzle on marinade just as you like. The Easy Kabob Loader will conveniently catch any excess. Using the Easy Kabob Loader to transport uncooked kabobs to the grill will also eliminate the shifting and rolling usually experienced when carrying kabobs.

How To Use: Step 1: Remove lid. Fill the channels with ingredients for as many skewers as desired. Ingredients should be cut in roughly uniform size so that they fit the tray and cook at the same rate. This is also the perfect time to toss on some spices or drizzle on marinade. Step 2: Place the lid back, pressing down to compress ingredients. Step 3: Starting from the end with the protruding skewer guides closest, insert the skewer into the outside guide hole, through your ingredients and through the subsequent two guide holes, coming out the guide hole at the far end. Once all of your skewers are filled, remove the lid and take the skewers out.

Care: Allow to cool before cleaning. Do not use abrasive scrubbers. Dishwasher safe.

Caution: Do not use the Skewer Express Easy Kabob Loader on the grill. Do not expose to high heat; plastic will melt. Remove skewers from the Easy Kabob Loader before placing on the grill. Skewer prongs are sharp. Use heat-safe gloves when handling hot skewers. Do not place cooked skewers back into the Easy Kabob Loader if previously used with uncooked ingredients.

  • The Easiest, Fastest, Least Messy Way to Make Kabobs
  • Features Six Channels And Six Skewers So You Can Prep An Entire Meal In Seconds
  • Easy to Use and Easy to Clean
  • Reduces Mess When Adding Spices Or Marinades To Assembled Kabobs
  • Kabob Loader Measures 12 by 8.5 Inches While Skewers Measure 11.8 Inches Long
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