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Casabella Silicone True Cube Ice Tray (Set of 2)

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The Square Cubes Ice Cube Tray from CasaBella is the perfect ice tray for regular use. These cute square cubes are perfect for mixed drinks, tall glasses of iced tea - and they even fit in water bottles! These trays come in a set of two and are made to stack when not in use. Constructed from food safe silicone, these trays can even be used as chocolate of jelly molds. The neutral gray color is a great addition to any kitchen. This cool design even features a border lip - made to prevent spills when moving from the faucet to the freezer. These lips also help control contents when using the mold for sweet treats.

There are quite a few benefits to silicone ice trays. First, they are flexible so removing frozen or hardened contents is a cinch. No banging against the counter top or running water over the top to try to loosen up cubes. Second, they are made from a food grade silicone, so you can rest assured that they are not adding any residue or chemicals to your drink. Silicone is easy to wash as well and can be thrown in the top rack of the dishwasher for a quick and sanitary clean up.

These silicone trays are perfect for keeping ice at hand in the freezer for gatherings. They're also perfect for home bars - add the square cubes to cocktails or pour them in a bucket to keep bottled drinks cold. You can even create your own infuses by adding fresh fruit to the water before freezing - raspberries and strawberries make a refreshing drink as they thaw into a tall glass of water. Herbs even last longer when frozen - simply cut them up into manageable pieces and freeze them in the tray with water; thaw to use. The possibilities are endless with the Square Cubes Ice Cube Tray from CasaBella!

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