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Built New York Gourmet Deluxe Bento (10 Piece Set)

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Built's Gourmet Deluxe Bento 10 Piece Set is the perfect accessory for the busy cosmopolitan lifestyle, being both stylish and wonderfully functional. Perfect for lunches and snacks, it features a leak proof design that includes stainless steel cutlery (knife, fork and spoon) with plastic handles, a dressing container, ice pack, food dividers, a secure lock utensil holder and microwave valve. With a sophisticated black and grey design, this is a contemporary piece that you'll love to take with you for extra convenience. An innovative design, the Gourmet Bento Box is made from break-resistant polypropylene and holds 39 ounces.


L 7.75" x W 10" x H 4.5"


Everything you need for a gourmet lunch to go

Leak-proof design

Secure lock utensil holder, and microwaving valve

Made from break resistant polypropylene


This protective, long-lasting product also insulates to keep whatever it holds at just the right temperature.


Cut down on clutter by having a place for everything and everything in its place.


When it comes to food and drinks, you want what you want exactly when you want it. So think of this product as your on-the-go butler. You don’t have to call it Jeeves unless you really want to.

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