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Bormioli Rocco Officina Metallic Bottle 42 oz (Gold)

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Serve with style, in dramatic grey, clear pure glass, or gold. Cool and casual Italian design makes this Bormioli Rocco 42 oz Officina 1825 Bottle a standout for serving juice drinks, homemade sodas, tonics, flavored waters or lemoncello and other liquors. The glass bottle features a slightly tapered shape with a textured ring exterior and embossed "Italian Quality Glass Since 1825" seal. Choose from clear, or a dark charcoal grey. The stopper is fitted with a rubber gasket and zinc-coated wire swing latch that creates a secure, hermetic seal. The removable gasket is not suitable for contact with fatty liquids such as milk or spirits higher than 20% alcohol (40 proof), and hand washing is recommended to preserve the closure. The 42 oz Officina 1825 Bottle measures 3.75" l x 3.75" w x 12" h.

Features of the Bormioli Rocco 42 oz Officina 1825 Bottle include:

  • Embossed design bottle with swing-latch stopper
  • Embossed with "Italian Quality Glass Since 1825"
  • Textured rings around the outside of the bottle
  • Choose from clear or grey
  • 37-oz capacity
  • Hermetic stopper and zinc-coated wire closure and handle
  • Removable rubber gasket
  • Hand washing and drying are recommended to preserve the closure
  • 3.75" l x 3.75" w x 12" h
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