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Barr Brothers Tool Wizard BBQ Grill Brush

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This BBQ Brush has an easy to clean poly handle and an extra replacement scrubbie.


  • 18 inch Overall Length.
  • Hot or Cold Cleaning.
  • Fast - Efficient Cleaning.
  • Ergonomic 12 degree Handle Angle.
  • Accommodates a Wide Variety of Inexpensive, Readily Available Scourers.
  • Accommodates one or two (folded) 3.5" scrubbers for added scrubbing surface area & deeper recessed grills.
  • Works on ALL grill types without teflon coating.
  • Cleans any Wire Grate Spacing or Size.
  • Scrubbers Tested "Safe" for Porcelain Coated Grates.
  • Easy Scrubber Replacement.
  • Rugged, Stainless Steel Scouring Head.
  • Durable solid Handle, with Storage Loop
  • Custom, Dishwasher Safe, Long Lasting, Stainless Steel Scrubbers
  • Non Clogging Scouring medium.
  • Conserves Resources - Environmentally Friendly (Last brush you need to buy)

Barr Bros. Company style #CH-0564

Recommended, with reservations, by Cook's Illustrated (America's Test Kitchen). The Tool Wizard's Grill Wizard Brush was also demonstrated on The Today Show.

Full review by Cook's Illustrated:
This brush looks very similar to the [winning brush]. Its textured plastic handle was comfortable to grip and cleaned effectively, but its loosely woven steel scrub pad became misshapen and frayed during testing, impeding cleaning. While the pads are inexpensive and replaceable, we’d like them to hold up longer.

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