The Cooking, Dining, and Entertaining Source!TM

For over 15 years, we have been a one-stop destination for products used for the preparation and serving of food.

When you walk through the door  you will be greeted by an unsurpassed selection of items and a friendly staff member who is well-trained on our products, ensuring that we are the authority for cooking, dining and entertaining. We carry everything from kitchen electrics and cookware to gourmet food and kitchen textiles and each of our stores has an impressive 120 ft. wall of kitchen tools.

Since our first day, we keep a few beliefs in mind and have continued to abide by them:

  • We believe that food is fun. Knowing where your food comes from is important.
  • We believe that families - any kind of family - should eat together as much as they can.
  • Kids should be cooking at home and in school.

Our guests, you, are what drives us to learn more about every product and carry what you’re looking for. If you don’t see something in our web store, we probably have it in stock in one of our retail stores. Call us at 302-644-7749. If we sell it, we’ll send it right out! Connect with us on social media! Share your experience with us by sending a tweet, writing a review or sharing a picture. We are always listening and open to your suggestions!

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