OXO SteeL 360 Stainless Steel 18oz. Cocktail Shaker

OXO SteeL 360 Stainless Steel 18oz. Cocktail Shaker

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MPN: OXO 3107200
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For novice bartenders or seasoned, the OXO Stainless Steel 360-degree Cocktail Shaker makes whipping up a favorite cocktail a whole lot easier. Just add spirits, mixers and ice, screw on the patented 360-degree LiquiSeal top and shake vigorously. With the simple press of a button, cocktails can be neatly strained and poured out of anywhere on the 360-degree opening with one-handed ease. No more dismantling the top and fumbling with a separate straining device. The top features three silicone seals to prevent spills when shaking and serving cocktails. The double-wall construction keeps any remaining liquid cold and ensures that the outer stainless steel surface stays condensation-free.

OXO International style # 3107200

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