Kitchen Gadget of the Month Club

Kitchen Gadget of the Month Club

12 months of the best gadgets for the kitchen!

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MPN: Kitchen & Company
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Send as a gift, or order it for yourself.

Each month, members of the Gadget of the Month Club receive a gourmet cooking tool to add to their kitchen gadget collection. Enjoy an entire year of cooking tools that no kitchen should be without. We theme every months' gadget to the foods you are likely to be surrounded by. You can see some examples of what will be included by viewing the additional images.

Have the first months gadget gift wrapped and add a personalized letter. All 12 months will ship for FREE!!!

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    Very Disappointing

    Reviewed on by Adam

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      I received this item as a gift, and it was deeply disappointing. Some of the items were almost laughably cheap (for example, the “pie crust measurer” which was literally a bookmarked-size piece of plastic). But beyond the seemingly-low cost of some of the items, I was struck more by the lack of thought put into whether these items made sense, and whether they offered a good value. The “cherry tomato slicer” I received has such limited utility that it would just take up space in my cabinets. I also recall that in a period of 2-3 months, I received two different vegetable peelers. Honestly, I probably have thrown out at ~1/2 of the items I received through the subscription. All of that said, I did submit my complaints to Kitchen & Company, which offered a candid and thoughtful response that acknowledged my issues.

    Customer Service Response
    Replied on: Friday, January 22, 2016

    Hi there! We apologize for your disappointment with the Gadget of the Month club. We are always looking for suggestions to improve it for both current and future members. We have taken your feedback and shared it with our team. It is our goal to make our guests happy and we did not meet those expectations during your subscription period. Your feedback has helped us switch up items we are giving out and make sure they are more appealing to our guests.

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