MasonTops Regular Mouth Pickle Pipes (Pack of 4)

MasonTops Regular Mouth Pickle Pipes (Pack of 4)

Item #: 683615347809

The Pickle Pipe is the world's first one-piece, self-sealing, silicone and waterless airlock. When fermenting your own vegetables, it is important that carbon dioxide is allowed to escape (or else the jar can explode) and that oxygen is not allowed to enter (or else your food will spoil with mold).

The Pickle Pipe maintains the perfect, maintenance-free fermenting environment without the need to burp your jars every day, or monitor the water levels of a clumsy 3-piece airlock. The patent-pending Pickle Pipe will allow you to "set and forget" your ferments without the daily maintenance of every other airlock solution in existence.

One-Piece, Silicone, Self-Sealing, Waterless Fermentation Airlock

Dishwasher Safe, BPA- and Phthalate-Free

Fits any "Regular-Mouth" Mason Jar (Ball, Kerr, Bernardin, etc.)

Screws on with any "Regular-Mouth" Mason Jar Band (not included)

As seen on Kickstarter!

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