Sowden 8 Cup SoftBrew Coffee Maker

Sowden 8 Cup SoftBrew Coffee Maker

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MPN: Sowden S001
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Sowden SoftBrew is a wonderfully flexible piece of equipment that does not need complicated instructions on how to use it. Coffee made by infusion, as is the Sowden SoftBrew, is the perfect & simplest way to get a cup of great tasting coffee. A method so flexible you can really make coffee just the way you prefer. The purpose of the SoftBrew™ filter is to keep the ground beans separated from the water. Thousands of microscopic holes in the stainless steel filter allow the water to flow and take up the taste without over filtering while allowing some ‘fines’ to filter through to the coffee giving the typical ‘body’ of an excellent brew. The method is simple; place the filter in the porcelain pot, put coffee into the filter and pour over hot water at the temperature of your choice - that’s it!

  • 8 Cup Capacity
  • All Parts Dishwasher safe
  • High quality porcelain product

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