OXO On 9 cup Coffeemaker

OXO On 9 cup Coffeemaker

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The 9-Cup Coffee Brewing System is from the all-new On™ series of innovative kitchen appliances from OXO. This 9-Cup Brewing System features a borosilicate glass water kettle that sends precisely heated water to the pour-over style brewer, or can lift off for use as a water kettle for tea, cocoa or ramen!

This Brewer follows the SCAA Golden Cup recommendations and heats water to the recommended 197-204°F range before distributing it through OXO's Rainmaker™ shower head to a large, flat-bottom brew basket. The Rainmaker™ soaks grounds evenly and provides the turbulence necessary for an even extraction. OXO's Barista Brain microprocessor maintains the ideal water temperature, controls the speed of the brew cycle and monitors the correct water volume with an internal scale and precision pump. The vacuum-insulated, stainless steel carafe will keep coffee hot and features an internal mixing tube so your last cup tastes like the first. The Brewing System features a cleanly designed and intuitive LED interface that allows you to choose between coffee or tea. Just enter the number of cups you want, the brewer will do the rest! The display includes a programmable auto-brew function and a freshness timer. 

  • Precision coffee brewer with a removable water kettle
  • Barista Brain Microprocessor monitors all operations for delicious results
  • Precise temperature control heats and holds water at the ideal brewing temperature and can be customized for brewing tea
  • Removable borosilicate glass kettle means this brewer doubles as a tea kettle with programmable temperature setting
  • Internal scale monitors water volume for the best, most consistent flavor
  • Precision pump sends water to brew basket in measured cycles, including a pre-infusion cycle so grounds can bloom
  • Simple and intuitive LED interface
  • Rainmaker™ shower head and large brew basket allows even saturation for brewing 
  • Vacuum insulated, stainless steel carafe holds coffee hot and has an internal mixing tube so your last cup tastes like the first
  • Features programmable auto-brew, freshness timer and more
  • Soft, non-slip handles

OXO Style # 8710100

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