OXO On Conical Burr Coffee Grinder with Integrated Scale

OXO On Conical Burr Coffee Grinder with Integrated Scale

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MPN: OXO 8710200
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A truly perfect brew starts with ground coffee...but it takes the right grinder to help coffee beans unlock their full flavor potential.

The OXO Good Grips Conical Burr Coffee Grinder's intelligent, built-in scale precisely measures coffee using the pre-set grams-to-cup ratios; if you prefer to customize, you can use the gram setting to create your own coffee ratio and grind based on weight. The Grinder's high torque/low speed DC motor helps keep beans from overheating while grinding, creates a consistent and uniform grind for optimal flavor extraction and generates minimal static to reduce mess.

Whether you like strong or weak, espresso or drip, French Press or pour over, the OXO Conical Burr Coffee Grinder can help you get the grounds you need to make your perfect cup.

  • Intelligent, integrated scale measures output by weight instead of time, ensuring the precise amount of grounds every time Grind based on number of cups you want to make or customize your brew by grinding by weight
  • Durable stainless steel 40mm burrs create uniform grounds for optimal brewing Grinder locks into a wide range of settings from fine for espresso to coarse for French Press coffee
  • One-touch dial and LED interface provide total control over ground coarseness and volume
  • No-bean detector won't let you grind if the hopper is empty and built-in overheating prevention protects motor for long life Hopper features a "trap door" to hold beans in when removed
  • Hopper holds 12 oz of coffee beans Grounds cup accommodates enough ground coffee to brew 12 cups

OXO Style # 8710200


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