Knife Sharpening Event: March 23rd, 24th and 25th

Donate canned food items and get your knives sharpened!

Get your knives ready for the Spring while supporting your community by donating to your local food bank!

Donate a canned food item Friday, March 23rd, Saturday, March 24th, or Sunday, March 25th and we'll sharpen two of your knives while you wait! 

Not only will your knives be sharpened in time for the Spring and Summer but we can also help support local families in need. It's so important to us that families share a meal together as often as possible, so we'd like to help those in need in our communities for whom a family meal might be a challenge.

Our sharpening event lasts from the time we open until we close each day. You can find your local store's hours here.

Our coworkers are fully trained on the Chef's Choice Trizor XV Knife Sharpener -- an impressive sharpener most notably recommended by Cook's Illustrated. Find out more about the sharpener we will be using in this short video:

Please note: This electric knife sharpener is great for straight or serrated edge kitchen knives, but is not designed for any lawn equipment or other tools, so please leave your gardening shears and lawn mower blades at home.

Your Donations Support Local Food Banks:

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