Oenophilia Private Preserve Wine Preserver

Oenophilia Private Preserve Wine Preserver

Item #: 000231904863
MPN: Oenophilia 07400

Completely safe gas blanket. Private Preserve protects fine wine, port, sherry, sake, cognac, single malt scotch, oils, and vinegars for days, weeks, even months. Works by laying down a blanket of protective gas on the liquid surface blocking out oxygen. Preserves the taste and bouquet in bottles and decanters. Custom blend of inert, nontoxic, nonvolatile, tasteless, FDA apporoved/ Med grade gasses. 120 full uses.
Oenophilia style #07400.

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      When wine in an opened bottle is exposed to oxygen, it degrades fairly quickly--over 2 to 3 days, usually. When you fill the opened bottle with inert gas and re-cork it, it lasts about a week. If you drink just a glass or two at a time and want your wine to preserve its flavor and character, use this product or something similar. It'll work. It's that simple.

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