Tote Glass 1L Amber Growler

Tote Glass 1L Amber Growler

Item #: 4041590009000
MPN: Tote Glass 900
We probably know why you're here. You're one those people who's tired of pouring your heart and soul into a masterpiece brew, building your winning brand, only to see them both get poured down the neck of some common jug. There's got to be something better, right? Take heart, Brewmaster. You just found the beer growlers you've been looking for. Tote Glass 1 Liter Single Amber Growler.

  • Generously Proportioned From Any Angle
  • Durable Gasket Means A Perfect Seal
  • Rust Resistant Lever Lock
  • Stainless Steel Straps
  • Porcelain Flip-Top Lid
  • Aluminum Alloy Handle
  • Big Mouth Means An Easy Fill
  • All Components Quality-Made In Germany
  • Awarded U.S. Trademark
  • 4 Bar Inner Pressure Guaranteed

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