Bayou Classic Home Brew Kettle

Bayou Classic Home Brew Kettle

Item #: 050904804105
MPN: Bayou Classic 800-410

Home brewers looking to take their brewing to the next level, this Stainless Steel 6-Piece Brew Kettle 6 pc set is for you!


·        Stainless Tri-Ply Stockpot with Low Side Indentation, Heat Shield and Gallon/Quart Calibration

·        Stainless Vented Lid

·        Stainless Ball Valve having 1/2" FNPT threaded interior and exterior opening

·        Stainless Thermometer with 2" Stem

·        Stainless False Bottom screen that sets 3.25" above bottom of pot

·        Stainless tube-shaped filter screen that attaches to inner spigot

·        Tri-Ply Bottom for even heating to prevent sugars from sticking and scorching

·        Narrow diameter and high side-wall reduces chance of boil over

·        All Stainless construction for no interaction with acid wort

·        False Bottom rests on Low Side Indentation creating a tighter barrier, reducing chance for grains and particles to enter the spigot chamber

·        40 qt. (10 gallon)


13.6"d x 16"h • 0.8 mm/20 Gauge
5.0 mm Tri-Ply Bottom
Bulkhead Fittings

Barbour International style # 800-410

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