CDN Countdown Digital Timer TM2

CDN Countdown Digital Timer TM2

Item #: 018436003502

A simple, easy to use timer, the CDN Countdown Digital Timer will be a part of your kitchen for years to come. CDN. Style #TM2.

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    Simply superb!

    Reviewed on by Yodadadadude

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      Truly excellent design, imho. You might need to think a bit to learn the buttons. If the colon is flashing, it's counting. Have had it a few years, but haven't used it heavily. Its beeper is loud enough if you're partly deaf, but won't make you deaf. It's as easy on its coin cell as a plain digital wristwatch. It has a good magnet, part of the pocket/lapel etc. spring clip on the back. Holds it on my fridge, where it hibernates. There's a little bail (like a swinging (pivoted) square carrying handle for a container). Squeeze the clip, and the little bail drops down to keep the spring clip open. Presto! A little stand, for fridge top or table top. If you have workable vision, you're not likely to be disappointed.

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