CDN Infrared Thermometer Gun

CDN Infrared Thermometer Gun

Item #: 018436005711

CDN expands its line of infrared thermometers with the handy new infrared gun. Offering convenient point-and-measure precision, the infrared gun gives cooks the assurance that the surface temperature will be read with pinpoint accuracy, without coming in contact with food. Perfect for a multitude of cooking applications, it features a one-second response time that makes this ideal for measuring surface temperatures of food and checking temperatures of food being served or stored in the refrigerator or freezer. Simply point the gun at the item to be measured, press the trigger, and within a second the unit provides an accurate temperature reading. The backlit display measures 7/8” X 1”, making it easy to see. Because there is no contact with the surface of food being measured, the gun eliminates the potential of cross contamination. Instrument Range: -76 to +1022-Degree F/-60 to +550-Degree C Maximum, minimum, difference and average with lock for continuous scanning Laser target illumination


  • One-button operation and 1-second response.
  • Auto-off and backlit light

Component Design Northwest Inc. style # IN1022

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