OXO Good Grips Instant Read Thermometer

OXO Good Grips Instant Read Thermometer

Item #: 719812002934
MPN: OXO 1051393
Cook meats to perfection with the OXO Good Grips Instant Read Thermometer. Insert the stainless steel probe into the meat away from the bone to get an accurate reading of the internal temperature. An angled face and large numbers make the Thermometer easy to read from any angle, and a non-slip silicone ring makes it easy to handle. Recommended internal temperatures for meat are provided on the storage sleeve, which also has a window that highlights selected temperatures for easy readability. While this Thermometer is not intended to be left in the oven during cooking, it will withstand oven temperatures if accidentally left inside.

  • Conical face is easy to read from any angle
  • Large, easy-to-read numbers
  • Non-slip silicone ring for easier handling
  • Flat edge prevents Thermometer from rolling on counter tops
  • Storage sleeve includes readings for recommended internal USDA temperatures
  • Sleeve window highlights recommended temperatures for easy readability
  • Hand wash only

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