Victorinox Oyster Knife with Guard

Victorinox Oyster Knife with Guard

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MPN: Victorinox Swiss Army 44691
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The creators of the original Swiss Army Knife, and with over 125 years of experience, Victorinox are renowned for their high quality materials and innovative design offering a highly functional and stylish range of knives, cutlery and other kitchen essentials. Victorinox knives are highly durable, and sharp, with a careful design process featuring the latest technology to give the blades the perfect hardness and cutting edge delivering ultimate comfort and functionality while ensuring high edge retention to keep their sharpness cut after cut.

Oyster knife with 2-1/8-in blade and finger guard

Used for prying open the hard shell of an osyter or clam

Sharp, beveled blade which fits between the tightly closed halves of the shell to pry the apart with the minimum effort

While the guard built protects the finger, the non-slip handle also prevents from slipping and going to far into the sharp edged shell

Made in Switzerland

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