Fox Run Carolina Style Oyster Knife

Fox Run Carolina Style Oyster Knife

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MPN: Fox Run 59971
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This handy tool is a must for opening oysters. Its short, blunt metal blade is perfect for prying open shells. It will help make quick work of opening oysters so you can get to cooking & eating them. With a quick flick of the wrist, Fox Runs durable, stainless-steel Nantucket Seafood Oyster Knife is sturdy enough to penetrate oyster shells, and the sharp blade will separate the oyster meat from the shell. It absorbs the pressure of your grip reduces the tension on your hands. This excellent grip allows you to concentrate on your firm oyster shell grip instead. Slip-proof, wet or dry, and dishwasher safe. An essential tool for your next clambake.

Size: 6"

Stainless steel blade with black plastic handle

Great for opening oysters

Also great for opening clams

Non-slip, ergonomic handle

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