Kuhn Rikon Ratchet Spice & Pepper Grinder - Black

Kuhn Rikon Ratchet Spice & Pepper Grinder - Black

Item #: 705475255503
MPN: Kuhn Rikon 25550

Grind your salt, pepper and spices with ease thanks to the Kuhn Rikon Ratchet Spice & Pepper Grinder in black. This high performance spice grinder has a ceramic grinding stone with a knob on the bottom to achieve a fine to coarse grind depending on your preference. The ergonomic ratchet handle makes it easy for everyone to get that perfect added flavor to your favorite dishes. So go ahead and fill up this fantastic grinder with your favorite salt, pepper corns or savory spices and make tonight’s meal one to remember. 

To Fill: 1) Open front door. 2) Add salt, pepper or spices. To Adjust Grind: Turn bottom knob clockwise for FINE and counter-clockwise for COARSE.

To Grind: Move ratchet handle back and forth.

To Clean: 1) Some spices are oilier than others and can clot the mill. Grind coarse salt to clean residue and spice aftertaste. 2) Hand wash only. Kuhn


Avoid dampness, do not grind over boiling pot.

Do not use cloves or anise as pils will destroy plastic.

BPA free materials.

High performance ceramic grinding stone.

Adjustable for course or fine grinding.

Ergonomic ratchet handle.

Easy to fill, open front door and add spice.

8.5-in. height

Made in China

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