Robinson's Tastee Rings Burger Press

Robinson's Tastee Rings Burger Press

Item #: 075764000238
MPN: Robinson's 1BP140
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The Robinson's Burger press features a patented ring-groove design. With this burger press, each hamburger is molded into the unique Tastee-Ring form. These hamburgers retain juices, cook evenly and fast, stay flat while cooking and hold together well. Delicious from the skillet or grill. Forms and seals food patties in plastic wrap. No need to touch food with hands. Works great on turkey burgers too.
Each press is molded of USDA approved food grade, high-impact polystyrene plastic. The overall diameter is 5 and 3/4 inches and the overall height is 2 inches. They are dishwasher safe in the top rack, and unbreakable in normal use.
Robinson Company # 1BP140 Catalog # 17-0238.

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  1. 100 out of 100
    Had a Tastee-Rings Burger Press since 1976

    Reviewed on by abby

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      While working a food show in 1976 i obtained a flyer advertising the press. I still have the information and the wholesale price then was a $1.40 each or $16.80 per dozen. Fortunately the Co. rep. gave me one in exchange for Taco Shells that I was showing. I owned a factory producing Mexican foods at that time. My wife has used the press almost every week since that time. I say it is the very best gift ever given to me !! IT'S GREAT !!!!

  2. 100 out of 100
    Awesome Burger Press

    Reviewed on by Ducky

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      I love this press. It catches and holds seasonings and meat juices. Results in a juicy burger with nicely browned ridges. Works well for both BBQ and frying in a pan. Have used this press for years and love it.

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