Zoku Blue Fish Pop Mold

Zoku Blue Fish Pop Mold

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MPN: Zoku ZK119
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Why we love it: I mean look at this thing! Forget about the kids, I want one for myself. A fish, a dolphin, an octopus.. all with skeletons underneath. I can't wait to try my vanilla pudding and banana popsicles.

Fish Pop Molds include your favorite under-the-sea creatures including a Shark, Clownfish, Octopus, Whale, Puffer Fish and even a Zoku Scuba Diver. Mix and match the tails for fun and surprising results. The sticks contain drip guards and have amusing "skeletons" that are revealed as the pops are eaten. The pops are easy to remove from the molds by simply pulling on the sticks, no rinsing is required.

Includes: 1 set of 6 molds and 6 sticks with drip guards

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