TofuXpress Tofu Press

TofuXpress Tofu Press

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TofuXpress, the new way to press tofu. Everyone knows tofu is great for you. It’s a great source of protein, low in fat, high in nutrients like calcium, and versatile. It’s the protein of choice for those that choose healthy eating over high fat proteins, and its not just for vegetarians any more.

The TofuXpress Gourmet Tofu Press and Food Press is the latest kitchen tool for vegetarians, foodies, and those who want to simply eat healthier! Press tofu, veggies like spinach, eggplant, cabbage and more! Make easy healthy meals for less. This tofu press will save you time and mess! Grill tofu, marinate tofu, fry tofu, like never before!

This kitchen tool is no one-trick pony. It works great in making homemade cheese, paneer cheese, yogurt cheese, macrobiotic pressed salads, and Greek-style yogurt.

  • Designed to convert into a marinating dish – one kitchen tool does it all! The parts are made to fit together for convenient storage
  • Made of FDA approved thermoplastic and stainless steel, and is built to last
  • The TofuXpress is entirely made and assembled in the U.S
  • Recently highlighted on ABC’s World News with Diane Sawyer “Made In America”
  • Includes Marinating Lid
  • Includes Instruction Booklet and Vegetarian Recipe Guide
  • TofuXpress blank Recipe Card (print as many Recipe Cards as you like from the Recipes page of our website)
  • Product dimensions (unboxed): Approximately Length 5" x Width 5" x Height 5"

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    Lasted 2 years

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      Was a great device for about two years of occasional use. A month ago the plastic of the press part started cracking and within another use just broke apart in several places. For a 40 $ gadget I actually expect a material that can withstand the pressure of the spring. Contacted the seller who told me that there was just a one year warranty on the press and they would not replace anything. Needless to say I will not buy this again.

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