OXO Good Grips Chopper

OXO Good Grips Chopper

Item #: 719812005959
MPN: OXO 1057959
Make easy work of onions, nuts and more with the OXO Good Grips Choppers. Press the soft knob and the blades rotate for even chopping. An internal soft bumper absorbs any shock to increase comfort and sound quality. Chop ingredients in the enclosed cup with its soft, non-slip base, or remove the base and chop directly on a cutting board. A tab rotates within the cup to prevent food from accumulating on the side walls. The entire blade cartridge can be removed from the Chopper by simply unscrewing it, so clean up is a breeze. And the blade is symmetrical for ease of reassembly. Simplify the task of chopping garlic with OXO’s Mini Chopper, smaller and more efficient for fine dicing. Both Choppers include a spoon for scooping so there’s no need to leave your hands smelling like onions or garlic.

  • Chops onions, vegetables, herbs, nuts and more
  • Simply press knob to rotate blades for even chopping
  • Chop in enclosed cup or on cutting board
  • Remove cup with a simple twist to prevent spilling
  • Detatchable cup with measurement markings catches, measures and stores chopped ingredients
  • Tab prevents food from accumulating on cup walls
  • Soft, comfortable knob locks down for compact storage
  • Removable blade cartridge for easy cleaning
  • Symmetrical blade and cartridge guide walls for easy reassembly
  • Spoon included for scooping ingredients
  • Cup capacity: 1 cup
  • BPA free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Dimensions (locked): 3.75” x 4” x 6.75"

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  1. 100 out of 100
    A great gadget!

    Reviewed on by Foodie33

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      Love this product! I got it from my sister as a present last Christmas and I use it all the time! Saves me so much time when making soups, taco toppings, and more! Plus, my eyes don't water when I chop onions in it now! This is awesome!

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