Chef'n Herbsicle Herb Freezer

Chef'n Herbsicle Herb Freezer

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MPN: Chef'n 102-565-201

The Chef'n Herbsicle is a great way to savor the flavor of summer fresh herbs at any time of year! Most recipes call for a few herbs yet most grocery stores sell them by the bunch - The Chef'n Herbsicle is here to save the day! Leftover herbs that usually wallow in the bottom of the fridge until they are at the science experiment stage now have a new lease on life. The Herbsicle is a spice rack for the freezer.

To use, simply fill the top with fresh, leafy herbs. Next, replace the top and turn the handle to compress. Freeze for 24 hours - once frozen, simply turn the handle to reveal frozen herbs. Cut with a knife or grate over desired food or recipe. Cut straight into the pan when cooking or grate over bread for a twist on garlic bread. 

  • Freeze and preserve fresh leafy herbs
  • Acts as a spice rack for the freezer
  • Twist handle to access herbs; either cut or grate over recipes and dishes
  • Handle can be labeled for easy identification
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe

Chef'n Style # 102-565-201


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