Suribachi Mortar & Pestle

Suribachi Mortar & Pestle

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A beautiful and essential kitchen tool for the preparation of many Asian dressings, sauces and pastes. Introduced from Southern China in the 11th century, the Japanese mortar (suribachi) and wooden pestle (surikogi) is an important tool in the Japanese kitchen. The literal translation of suribachi is grinding bowl. And that is what it does to perfection. The unglazed ridged interior facilitates grinding and prevents ingredients from slipping and sliding.The traditional wooden pestle is designed to prevent unnecessary wearing down of the ridges. This is a traditional Japanese 5 ½” mortar and wooden pestle; to use: Simply place the suribachi over a damp towel or rubber mat on your work counter. Hold the pestle with one hand and rotate the pestle against the ridges. 5 ½” Suribachi set for grinding and crushing seeds, herbs and nuts Ideal for making pastes, sauces and marinades in Asian cooking.  Sharp, ribbed interior holds ingredients in place for more efficient grinding.  Hand wash recommended.

Includes Ceramic Suribachi mortar and coordinating wooden pestle.

Helen Chen style #97034

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      A very handy gadget to make gomasio. There is nothing like freshly toasted sesame seeds with a bit of sea salt processed by hand in the suribachi. It makes any vegetable taste great. The rigged inner surface works very well with the wooden little pestle--made for little hands. I haven't tried it with garlic buy i suspect it will work at least as well as with sesame.

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