The Republic Of Tea U-Matcha Yuzu Tea, 1.5 oz

The Republic Of Tea U-Matcha Yuzu Tea, 1.5 oz

Item #: 742676105107
MPN: Republic of Tea 10510

The Best Super Food: Matcha ranks highest amongst all "super foods" for its levels of antioxidants, 5 times the antioxidants in blueberries.

Finest Ingredients: Grown from the tencha green tea leaf, Japanese matcha is grown in the shade and then stone ground into powder.

Caffeine: Matcha has less than half of the amount of caffeine per cup compared to coffee.

Vibrant & Rich: The bright color and delicious taste of the Japanese green tea matcha and yuzu makes the beverage a delightful treat hot or cold.

Health Benefits: Matcha tea is gluten-free and has been known to lower stress levels, increase awareness, and rejuvenate the body with more energy.

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