Primula Flowering Teas- Green Tea w/ Jasmine

Primula Flowering Teas- Green Tea w/ Jasmine

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MPN: Primula Tea TEA-2012

This beautiful 12 pack canister makes over 250 cups of delicious, flowering tea. Each bud has been exceptionally crafted by artisans in China to create hand sewn AA grade green tea with all natural flowers. The green tea is blended five times with jasmine to emanate an ambrosial floral fragrance. Each package contains 12 different flowering teas along with an illustrated picture and health benefit guide.

Choose a pot of Floral Passion, Noble Madam, Oriental Beauty or Camellia Joy. Or watch your cup erupt with Wild Flowers, Guilded Lotus, Lover’s Blossom or Juliet’s Kiss. Other popular flavors like London Fog, Butterfly Floret, Fairy Lily and Summer Bouquet complete your choices in the taste sensation. Try all twelve green tea blends and be amazed at how each bud delivers a delectable cup of tea and an optical sensation.

Each tea blend is packed with healthy anti-oxidants and can be steeped three times giving you over 250 cups in each canister.

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  1. Primula Tea vs Teavanna

    Reviewed on by vkgib

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      This tea is as good as, if not better than, Teavana tea and the price is right. Teavana is a very expensive tea and the price for these very beautiful flowering tea balls are much cheaper but the flavor is not cheap at all. I will stop buying tea at Teavana and start buying from Primula tea instead. We are very pleased with the flavor. I would recommend everyone to try it if you haven't yet.

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