VacMaster Pro112 Vacuum Sealer

VacMaster Pro112 Vacuum Sealer

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Our VacMaster Chamber Machine provides the solution to the problem posed by other vacuum packaging machines currently on the market.  How to vacuum package liquids and liquid-rich foods? Current machines on the market are suction machines, meaning the air is vacuumed out of a vacuum bag and then the bag is sealed.  However, along with air, liquids are also vacuumed out of the bag, leading to partial and even failed seals.  Our VP112 Chamber Machine uses a different technology to eliminate this problem. When sealing with our chamber machine, the vacuum bag that will be sealed is placed inside the chamber of the machine and the lid is closed. Air is sucked out of the entire chamber, not just the bag itself, allowing air pressure on both the inside and outside of the bag to remain equal and liquids to stay in the bag. The bag is then fully sealed and air is returned back into the chamber.

· Vacuum package soups, stews, and marinades

· Keep game meat and fish fresher longer

· Store meats and fish scent-free

· Eliminate waste of bulk quantities of foods

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