Luminarc Working Glass Set of 16

Luminarc Working Glass Set of 16

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MPN: Luminarc N3844
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Working glasses are decagon shaped with a smooth band around the lip. The heavy weight and thick construction make them sturdy enough for you to drink your coffee, hot tea or any beverage in the same glass.
Set includes:
Eight 21 oz. glasses & Eight 14 oz. glasses
Arc International Style # E1702

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  1. 18 Years of Flwless Service

    Reviewed on by Very Pleased

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      I have used these glasses for over 18 years and they are still performing like new. The available lids are tremendously useful and terrific money savers, because any unfinished beverages can be sealed and saved. No need to throw out leftover milk, juice, wine or beer. The lids seal well enough to preserve carbonation for at least a couple of days. They're not only water-tight but gas-tight as well! Great quality at a great price. Mine were made in France, so I expected great quality. Got it!

  2. 100 out of 100
    These are a great idea

    Reviewed on by Sonicfanmom

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      5 Star (Excellent!)
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      I have owned this set for 15 years, and they still are going strong! The heavy glass makes them great to store left overs in, and still have enough for everyday use. Defiantly order the lids offered if you get this. Even though they are offered in a 6 pack you should have extras around because tomato left overs (soups & sauces) will stain them. In the entire time I have owned this set I have only had to get rid of 2. This is worth the cost if you are on a budget!!

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