Warikomi 6.5" Utility Knife

Warikomi 6.5" Utility Knife

Item #: 406143150006
MPN: Kikuichi NSWD150-JH

Extraordinary in beauty and quality, the Kikuichi Nickel Sweden Warikomi 6.5 Inch Damascus Utility Knife makes a fine collection piece for pros or home cooks. Blade construction is handcrafted with a Swedish stainless core selected for its edge retention and ease of maintenance. A cladding process incorporates 44 bonded layers of nickel steel alloy in varying strengths that are heat-tempered to develop the strengths of every component. That translates into an exceptionally durable blade with its exquisite water-like mottling on both sides. Japanese artisans remain true to the company's centuries-old heritage in Samurai sword making in production of each knife that finishes with an engraving of the Emperor's Chrysanthemum. A traditional D-shaped handle is rosewood with an ebony collar that adds the perfect balance to this lightweight kitchen tool. Washing by hand is essential along with thorough drying after each use to maintain finish and performance. Whether working on a cutting board or in the hand, Kikuichi's Nickel Sweden Warikomi 6.5 Inch Damascus Utility Knife gives you amazing control over every job.

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