Kikuichi 9.5" Sushi Knife w/Sheath

Kikuichi 9.5" Sushi Knife w/Sheath

Item #: 406145332202
MPN: Kikuichi YG24-09-5

Kikuichi 9.5" Sushi Knife w/Sheath.

The Kikuichi has a long and distinguished history. Although we have been producing superior cutlery for more than a hundred years, the origin of our company lies some seven hundred years ago. For most of our history, we manufactured Samurai swords that bore the Emperor's Chrysanthemum symbol as a mark of their excellence. Today, our ancestor's swords are considered national treasures in Japan.

Kikuichi YANAGI SUSHI knife

·        Ginsan Grade,

·        Stainless Steel

·        Saya sheath Cover

·        Right Angle Blade,

·        Ho-Wood Handle,

This Kikuichi YANAGI SUSHI Knife measures 8” on the blade.

Made in Japan

Kikuichi Style # YG24-09-5

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