Chef'sChoice® Professional 130 SharpeningStation®-Platinum

Chef'sChoice® Professional 130 SharpeningStation®-Platinum

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MPN: Chef'sChoice® 0130506
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The newest breakthrough in sharpening technology, the M 130, presents all your sharpening options in one compact appliance.
It professionally sharpens, steels or strops all brands and types of knives; straight edge or serrated, kitchen, Asian style, sports and pocket knives in seconds.

Three stages make it possible to obtain a "better than factory" edge quickly and effortlessly.

Stage 1, using 100% diamond abrasives, sharpens the edge.

Stage 2 is a super-hardened miniature steel that develops a shaving sharp edge with ultra-sharp microscopic teeth, providing a superior edge "bite".

In stage 3, a revolutionary flexible stropping disk polishes the edge to hair-splitting sharpness.

Using these stages in different combinations produces custom edges, suited to a particular cutting task. Built-in, high precision, user friendly elastomeric angle guides guarantee fool-proof sharpening.

Limited three year manufacturer's warranty.

Engineered and Assembled in the USA.

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