Chef'sChoice® Diamond Hone® Pocket Sharpener # 480

Chef'sChoice® Diamond Hone® Pocket Sharpener # 480

Item #: 087877480500
MPN: Chef'sChoice® 4800500

The Chef'sChoice® Professional Compact Sharpener model 480B is a compact manual diamond hone knife sharpener. This rugged, multi-purpose pocket-size manual knife sharpener quickly and easily sharpens a wide variety of knives, including straight-edge commercial kitchen cutlery. It features a two stage sharpening process, 100% diamond abrasives, nothing sharpens better.

For all your kitchen, household, sports and pocket knives.

Compact, easy to store in drawer, tackle box or tool box.

Compact size: Almost 6" L X 2 1/4" W X 1 1/4" D

Edgecraft Corp #4800500

Engineered and Assembled in the USA.

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