Kitchen IQ Angle Adjust Adjustable Knife Sharpener

Kitchen IQ Angle Adjust Adjustable Knife Sharpener

Item #: 027925501467
MPN: KitchenIQ 50146

This sleek three slot knife sharpener has unsurpassed technology that allows the user to sharpen a knife to the original factory angle. It’s easy to adjust the sharpening angle by simply pushing down and turning the knob, adjusting both the coarse and fine sharpening slots. Angles range from 14 to 24 degrees per side. If the angles are unknown there are recommended Asian, and European settings. The fine sharpening slot features ceramic stones for finishing the knife edge and every day light honing and maintenance of an already sharp knife. The coarse sharpening slot features diamond stones that are used to sharpen dull or damaged knives. There is also a fixed angle serrated slot is a fixed angle slot. It includes ceramic stones that are specifically designed to sharpen most styles of serrated knives. The housing is made from cast aluminum. Soft touch accents on the handle and a non-slip base provide stability and added safety while sharping.

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