Bubba Blade 9" Tapered Flexible Filet Knife

Bubba Blade 9" Tapered Flexible Filet Knife

Item #: 794504877830

The Bubba Blade 9" Tapered Flex Blade features the same patented textured no slip grip handle, and stainless steel as the other Bubba Blades. The non-stick coated Blade makes filleting smaller pan fish & meat cutting even easier.

  • 9" blade with 6" handle for a total length of 15"
  • Made from high carbon stainless steel providing strength and stability 
  • Coated with a non stick surface that is bonded with Titanium that will help prevent rusting & pitting and let the meat slide off the blade effortlessly
  • Trigger grip lets you put some heat on the knife when needed
  • Thumb & finger pads ensure total control
  • Safety guards for protection from the blade & spines of fish
  • No slip grip handle made from thermoplastic polymer then wrapped with a special synthetic rubber for outstanding grip security
  • Specially designed bevel edge (sushi chief style) allows for thinner cuts
  • Blade thickness over 2mm
  • Factory sharpened by hand to razor sharpness

Bubba Blade Style # BB1-9F

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